Apple physical evidence is the material part of a service utilised by Apple where customers have a feel of the brand portrayed by the organisation, online and in-store. Apple provides a quality experience for its customers. The online store which I checked was full of information enough for any customer to make an informed decision. The environment must be right for the employees and customers. Apple uses the quality of this element to justify the premium charge price on their products.

Physical evidence of Apple is creatively and objectively crafted to resonate with their brand in all their retail stores and online stores. Apple products are expensive more than their competitors but still, the quality of the structures they use as stores resonate with the impression they want to create to the customers.

Apple did not just concentrate on the quality of their products; they are well focused on the ambience of their staff and customers. A well thought out conducive environment intelligently resonate with the perception of the brand they want for their customers.

Physical evidence is not limited to the retail outlet architectural edifice but also to the website infrastructures.

Apple Physical Evidence will be divided into:

  1. Architectural Edifice/Online Infrastructures
  2. Employees
  3. Ambience


This has to do with Architectural tangible entities created beautifully to accommodate their customers during the transaction. It includes external and interior design. The website infrastructure falls under this category as well.

In all the Apple stores, the external features are not necessarily the same from country to country. Some stores retained the historical features of the façade which for some made of blocks or bricks. What is common to all the stores is the company logo boldly displayed at the main entrances.

Apple stores are known for design uniformity. They are conceptualized with the spaciously long walking area that even allows loitering. Well decorated with wooden tables to display their products adorned with a roll of trees in doughnut-shaped pots.

Apple in its recent design has been building Plaza next to their stores to encourage and promote community spirit.

It worth mentioning that Apple store design on trademark, “Distinctive Design and Layout” got patented on January 24, 2013, in the US. (Purcher, 2013)

The creative idea of Apple stores has helped Bexar County Judge in San Antonio, Texas named Nelson Wolff to design a bookless library. According to him, when he was planning for the project, he was inspired while reading the Biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs when he said, “If you want to get an idea of what it looks like go to an Apple store.” (Chalcraft, 2013)

The online store carries the same similar approach. Apple website is beautifully designed with easy to use menus and pages loads fast. The website is mobile, tablet and desktop responsive, well detailed and high-resolution display of products. Apple online gives a good experience to online visitors, compared to their closest competitor, Samsung.


Apple employees are enthusiastically pragmatic in their approach to a customer, clad in branded Apple uniforms, mostly blue tops but more importantly, they have great marketing skills, well trained and innovative. These factors contributed to Apple great success over the years and are evident in any of its stores across the globe to maintain and sustain its brand.


The environment in Apple stores is always electrifying. The customers are given memorable experience from when you enter the store, through your buying process to when you exit the store.

Customers are given a warm welcome, you cannot be abandoned in the store as some retailers do, they will engage you throughout the process which does encourage a customer to buy as a result.

The spatial layout and the furniture layout of Apple stores are also good. Apple stores are always spacious for customers to move around. Apple as a company spent a lot of money to have quality stores across the board.

Space instore, allow customers to sit on doughnut-shaped pots, loiter around before deciding.


Apple has an edge over its competitors despite their products are more expensive because they maintain a premium brand across its services in stores and online. They did not just concentrate on products, but they also give customers premium experience in-stores, even their employees approach to customers is outstanding. This I know makes them thick and project them above others. Whereas, some other companies focus is only on products. If Apple maintains this standard, I see them remaining at the top spot.