Freelance SEO Consultant

I will help you to promote your business and improve sales performance through strategic organic traffic.

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Freelance SEO Consultant

A Little About Me

Hi there, I am Richard

I am a freelance SEO CONSULTANT based in Clonakilty,Cork-Ireland. I specialize in  Affordable SEO Services for small businesses such as Website audit, On and Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building and Local SEO strategy for website rank and business growth with a result-driven approach for my client success. Search Engine Optimization will provide a long-term ROI for your business. As an entrepreneur, I also have e-commerce websites that sell clothing items on Redbubble that may be of interest to you.

Why You Should Work With Me


I have an uncanny attention to detail and experience in getting things done in a timely manner. You will find it all throughout my work! Honesty and excellence are my watchwords.

Expertly Trained

I studied Post Graduate Diploma in digital marketing and also obtained Google Certification in digital marketing. Everything I learned and my experience in this field goes into every project I start.

Process through Project

Effective communication from me is key to your project. I will keep you in regular contact during your project to ensure you get the result you are hoping for- I will not break my promise.

Fair, Friendly Pricing

I like to work with each client directly to ensure their project is scoped and priced according to the specs. I will work through the costs before we even start and you can be sure you will get value for your money!
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Grow Audience & Improve Sales Performance

Want to show up on the Front Page of Google!

I offer affordable SEO services that help small businesses increase their organic visibility, reach and ranking by competing for the highest rankings — even in highly competitive markets and keywords.

  • Connect you with the right audience and customers.
  • Affordable pricing method
  • Proven strategy
  • After-sales support

My SEO Services and Strategy

SEO Audits & Implementation

Technical SEO
On-Page SEO
Off-Site SEO
Competitor Analysis and Keyword Research

Link Building Strategy

High Domain Authority Sites
Quality Backlinks
Content Audits
Link Bait Content

Local SEO

Google My Business
Google Map
Local Citations
Reputation Management

Social Media

Profile Audits

Companies I have worked with

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Client Testimonials

“Richard has been deeply knowledgeable and professional through the SEO project of my website ( All thanks to Richard’s hard work, I have an online presence, and I can gather analytics which will help in the growth of my business, as we look to expand our business offering. For anyone looking to take their business to the next level, Richard is the man.”
Aniekan Andrew-Essien

Co-Owner, Anisanj Limited

“Looking for someone to boost your business online visibility? Could your website use an SEO overhaul? Richard at Digital Nobleman is the man for the job.He always finds a way to explain things that escape me in a way that I can understand. Right from the beginning, he was motivated and engaged.”
Trish Robichaud

Changingpaces- Founder

Working with Richard was incredible! He was super knowledgeable about everything about Local SEO and made everything quite easy to understand. I would surely recommend digitalnobleman to anyone looking for Local SEO strategy and implementation.
Lasto Sambwa

Berkshire Security Solutions Ltd

Why is SEO Optimization Necessary?

It’s all about exposure.

SEO standards for “search engine optimization.” It is a way of optimizing web pages, where you increase their chances of showing up in search pages.

And it’s absolutely necessary. With proper SEO, you ensure that your content’s visible on the first pages of major search engines, like Bing and Google!

It’s an important part of your digital marketing, and it’s as important as the quality of your content!

In fact, SEO affects your bottom line. Understanding how Google assesses your page can be the difference between high and low sales rates!

But SEO comes with a certain problem, this being complexity.

There are hundreds of factors that govern how Google ranks your content. And those factors change with each algorithm update.

This is where my experience can help you. As an SEO Consultant, I can save you the time and exhaustion of making your content fit Google’s algorithms!

Here’s How My SEO Experience Can Help You

There are many types of online advertising. Of all that exist, SEO has the greatest long-term payoff, and requires the least investment.

It’s cost-effective compared to options like paid advertising or social media marketing. It’s excellent for startups on a limited budget. And it’s excellent for thriving business that want efficient marketing!

More Organic Traffic.

Organic traffic stands for viewers who find you through search engine results.

The only way to attract organic traffic is to reach an engine’s first pages. After all, people rarely venture to pages 2 or 3 when searching online!

And it doesn’t stop there. Not only do you want to be on page 1. But you also want to secure the highest results on that page!

This makes attracting organic traffic a meticulous task that requires an expert. But done right, you’ll see amazing results in the traffic that your website gets!

Increase in Credibility.


The higher your search rank, the better your brand image.

Most high ranking pages belong to industry authorities. Thus, reaching the first pages of a search engine (and consistently) gives your business a more professional look.

It shows that you’re a major competitor in your sector. It signals quality!

 User-Friendly Website.

Search engines don’t only look at pages based on their text content. They also look at loading speeds, layout, font size, and other aesthetic factors.

All those factors contribute to an improved client experience. Thus, if your website is reliable and user-friendly, you’re more likely to rank better.

This is something I can help you with. Part of an SEO specialist’s job is to make your website easy to access and navigate!

 Lower Costs.

SEO is the cheapest and most effective form of online marketing. Its only entry barrier is experience and attention to detail.

In fact, if you have prior experience in areas such as keyword research, coding, and an understanding of search engine algorithms, then the job becomes easier!

Unfortunately, learning the previous takes time. And that’s time you may not have, especially when running a business.

Compete Better with Large Businesses.

If you’re running a small business, you might feel frustrated with your exposure levels.

After all, your marketing budget is much lower than theirs. And the same applies to how memorable your brand is.

So how are you supposed to catch up?

Well, SEO helps with that. It levels the playing field. With the help of an SEO specialist, you can better optimize your website to rank higher than sectors behemoths!

 Low Risk – High Reward.

Hiring an SEO expert is cost-effective, and it pays dividends for as long as your website stays active.

It’s an investment. All it needs is mastery, consistency, and a love for quality. With those combined, expect your website to dominate online search results for years to come!

Looking for a Larger Online Audience? Want Increased Online Sales?

Then there’s no time to waste. Contact me today for a website assessment!